As a Key sponsor, you are supporting the significant efforts of training and racing. The financial backing allows our team to be in top performance when they arrive at the starting line. Getting KOAH on the trail requires committed individuals looking into the future and foreseeing the sport of mushing and how KOAH will continue advancing the sport for further generations.

Preparing and having all the required gear for the musher, dogs, and support crew to race creates a monetary burden. This level of support is not taken lightly. We at KOAH commit to your organization that we will support and help promote your endeavors.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Website recognition and links
  • Social media recognition
  • Business logo branding on dog truck to advertise your business across Alaska
  • Wearing of your brand on Bridgett’s parka, sled bag and other gear
  • Your logo on lead dogs in Iditarod start (or race of your choice)
  • Avalible for speaking egagments to share stories of the trail
  • Digital use of KOAH dogs for media and promotion
  • Reserved seating at start banquet of Iditarod
  • Private tour of kennel and ride with Bridgett and team
  • Mid and end of season update
  • Trail notes